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Od / From: 01/09/2015
Do / To: 30/09/2016
Čas / Time: 10:00 – 5:00

Miesto / Location: Kentucky Street, Lawrence, KS, United States

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This is a event description section where you can write about your event. We have provided an editor for entering this information on Submit event page so your visitors will be able to format their description easily. They can highlight their content with Bold, Italic, Underline options, they can also use ordered and un-ordered lists:

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  1. Allow users to pay and publish their events on your site
  2. Create a unique submission form using custom fields
  3. Awesome Google map integration for showing real locations

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  • Allow users to pay and publish their places on your site
  • Create a unique submission form using custom fields
  • Awesome Google map integration for showing real locations

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Organizátor / Organizer

Organized by:  Castor Event Organizers Organizer's Address: 5 Buckingham Dr Street, paris, NX, USA - 21478 Mobile: 0897456123071 Email: Website:

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O organizátorovi / About the Organizer:

What we do?

An event is normally a large gathering of people, who have come to a particular place at a particular time for a particular reason. Having said that, there's very little that's normal about an event. In our experience, each one is different and their variety is enormous. And that's as it should be: an event is something special. Aone - off. We plan these occasions in meticulous details, manage them from the ground, dismantle them when they are over and assess the result.

How we do it?

Events can be used to communicate key message, faster community relations, motivate work forces or raise funds. One of the first things we ask our clients is, what they want to achieve from their event. This is the cornerstone of the whole operation for us, our starting point and most importantly, it's the way success can be measured.

How to Register

Click on the below link to register by going to our website. Just enter your detail and pay the registration fees.

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